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  • Molly Ramsay

The Power of Adapting to Others

Do you use behavioral style assessment tools in your organization? Achieving success in working with your employees, your peers, as well as, with your direct supervisor means combining relationship skills with task skills. It can be incredibly impactful as a leader, as well as, someone being led when you understand the tendencies of different behavior or personality styles.

There are many good behavioral assessment tools out there, we just happen to use the DISC assessment tool here at MedMan. This month the MedMan team reviewed ways to use the DISC assessment tool to best communicate with each style, what motivates them and how to leverage the strengths of each style in an organization. Here's an example - we have found that many physicians in the medical groups that we work with tend to be a 'D' on the DISC assessment. The 'D' stands for dominance or direct. 'D' personalities tend to be results driven and want things done now. When communicating with a 'D', stick to the facts and lead with the conclusion. Be articulate. For myself, who is a 'S' on the DISC, I value details and appreciate small talk. So, guess what I need to do to get the desired outcome from my 'D' colleague? Take a moment and try to walk in their shoes, adapt your communication style - be concise and to the point.

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