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  • Chuck Hulse

Success Principle 28*

Want to feel like you accomplished something in 2018? Start with this one simple secret to success that will boost your confidence and your energy…. clean up your messes and incompletes. Here is the thing – when we don’t handle our irritations, they distract us from doing what is important because they are always on our mind, making us feel ineffective, and draining energy. My desk was a constant irritation for months, until today - New Year’s Day. In the upper left corner was a wire in-basket where I put documents - an organizer right? Wrong… it turned into what David Allen called a “someday / maybe” file of things undone, a mental papercut, and greeted me every time I walked into my office. It irritated me, so it is gone. On the right side of my desk was a stand up Pendaflex file rack – an organizer, right? Wrong – it was filled with file folders of my current projects, and was an irritating reminder of how I have allowed myself to get overcommitted, so like 2017 – it is gone.

If this sounds familiar, complete this exercise:

Asking for help is more important than ever – if you can delegate great. Three more questions to “ask” yourself:

  • How do you stop yourself from asking for help? ( costs money… they are too busy )

  • What is the benefit of you asking? ( less stress, more focus )

  • When will you ask – due date?

* Shamelessly borrowed from Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, and one of the techniques in Returning the Joy of Medicine to The Healthcare Team Program presented by MedMan.

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