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  • Molly Ramsay

Step Away From the Computer

In this day and age, there is great value in leveraging your network and connecting with industry leaders via email and social platforms such as LinkedIn. Sometimes it takes more effort and you have to be more deliberate about stepping away from behind our computer screens and wander around the office, or schedule a lunch to connect with other professionals. Even more so, being out of the office to attend a conference seems overwhelming due to the amount of work that will be waiting for us upon our return, so it's easier to just not go. However, those connections through email and social platforms are exponentially improved by having met someone in-person.

A MedMan administrator found herself spending a good portion of her day without leaving her office. Realizing this was not good for her or her staff, she moved her printer to another location on the opposite side of the office. The result, she was up and moving around the clinic more often - being more visible and getting a pulse of what was going on in the practice. And, improved relations with staff.

MedMan is being more deliberate as well. We are taking advantage of, and seeking out, opportunities to meet face-to-face. Don't eat alone. Rather than eating at your desk, join someone for lunch. Take a walk around the office and say good morning. Attend a conference and sit by someone you don't know. There is a great deal of productivity and inspiration that comes from being face-to-face. The return for these activities and interactions will pay dividends.

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