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  • Jim Trounson

In My Love/Hate Relationship with Technology, I’m Usually in Love.

Starting a geographically distributed company with operations in several time zones 40 years ago forced MedMan to become digital before digital was cool. This necessity proved to be the mother of early adoption, and that leveraging of technology has turned out to be an ongoing competitive advantage for us.

For example we’ve learned how the run a multi-million dollar company without an office. Our offices are wherever our cell phones are. The one concession to physical space is our 220 square foot “Flywheel” – a hi tech situation room cum broadcast hub perched above a trendy coffee shop in downtown Boise. “ThinkTank, MedMan’s brainstorming place,” our virtual meeting room, is where we’re more likely to gather, now rendering conference calls to be so 1980’s. Distance learning is now a MedMan competence. “Marian, MedMan’s electronic librarian” is our server that serves up just-in-time information to our network. We’ve just installed the new state-of-the-art Clevertouch interactive whiteboard pictured here in the Flywheel.

Our core value of Sharing is built around “aggressive information transfer.” Marian is augmented by our list servs that do just that asynchronously. To MedMan’s team-based approach to the better management of medical groups, computers are a gift making this a great time to be improving the lives of physicians. I’m grateful to be living in this age with the tools we have.

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