• Jim Trounson


When we are called in to manage a medical practice we usually find they have been over-consulted. They have a good idea of what needs doing, a dusty consulting report, and many good ideas from recent medical meetings. They just can’t get around to implementation.

Management is harder than consulting. Guaranteeing results is a higher art form than simply pointing out what’s wrong. Ma

ybe that’s why MedMan doesn’t have much competition. We stick around to fix the problem after we “SOAP” (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) the presenting complaint – which is a wonderful learning cycle for us. We eat our own cooking, and have gotten to be pretty good cooks as a result.

Our accountable, long-term, intensive relations are more fulfilling to us than the one-night stands of consulting. If you are managing only half as well as you know how to, we can help. You may not need more ideas. You may just need some more help. Hands-on practice management -- that’s how we’ve been improving physicians’ lives since 1977.

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