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  • AJ Jordan

An Outside View of Your Practice

The “fresh eyes” of a newcomer are an invaluable asset to an organization’s improvement strategy. While this informal input is valuable, there are also structured opportunities to gain similar perspective and results.

When we are the “newbie” in a medical practice, it’s often easier to see the challenges and pitfalls than it is after we are entrenched and have grown used to the idiosyncrasies of the operation. Losing that fresh perspective often means staff and leadership are challenged to identify old, worn out processes and practices.

A structured assessment of your practice – whether conducted using a best-practice checklist, or an external agency – can help you regain that fresh perspective and drive quality improvement. There are several accrediting agencies that provide periodic evaluations of healthcare systems, including The Joint Commission (TJC), the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Centers (AAAHC), the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), and the National Clinical Quality Association (NCQA), among others. The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) also has invaluable tools and resources for its members.

You might be surprised to learn that, while MedMan isn’t an accrediting organization, we have a comprehensive assessment tool that includes over 800 areas of focus! This assessment is so valuable that we provide it annually to our managed clinics, but we also offer the service to any medical practice that requests it.

Regardless of whether you tackle formal accreditation, find an assessment online to complete yourself, or partner with an outside group to evaluate your systems, make a commitment to excellence for your staff and your patients – choose a tool to assess your practice and discover your challenges. If you want to learn more about MedMan’s extensive assessment, please contact us.

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