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Quality, What It Really Means

While fee for service is busy dying its slow death, the quality movement is alive, well, and taking its rightful place as the cornerstone of the healthcare industry. But health professionals have been inundated with quality jargon and incentives for the past 10 years – and, after a decade, do we know what “quality” really means?

In their 2001 article titled, “Crossing the Quality Chasm,” the Institute of Medicine defined six elements of quality, known as “STEEEP.” The acronym stands for Safe, Timely, Effective, Efficient, Equitable, and Patient-Centered care. The heart of the quality movement lies in ensuring patients have outcomes and experiences that reliably reflect these six dimensions.

In response to the changing healthcare environment, MedMan is expanding its offerings to help clinics achieve new levels of excellence by utilizing the STEEEP principles. The company has several new contracts for quality-improvement work with Community Health Centers (CHCs) and organizations that support them.

One project begins this month with Glenns Ferry Health Center, where, following a MedMan assessment, the clinic leadership requested assistance to improve their Patient-Centered Medical Home model. Other areas of focus include human resources and front-office flow. MedMan also assisted GFHC with writing a grant application to improve colorectal cancer screening through formalized care coordination and referral processes. Similarly, the Idaho Primary Care Association recently contacted MedMan for project management assistance to launch their new Oral Health Integration grant. The project aims to improve the overall health of CHC patients by providing preventive oral-health services during medical visits. MedMan’s involvement in this project is quite an honor, since it stands to elevate the health of Idaho’s most high-risk patients.

These projects directly affect quality of care, and it is incredibly rewarding to walk beside our healthcare partners in their journey. If you’d like help developing your quality-improvement efforts, please reach out to us.


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