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  • Molly Ramsay

Improving the Patient Experience

Improving the patient experience, specifically through the patient and physicians’ eyes is something that MedMan is increasingly getting asked to assist with. Physicians and staff are managing an all-time high number of tasks competing for their time and attention – technology, regulation, competition, social media which are creating barriers to delivering the patient experience that practices and their patient' desire.

We've learned that it is important for us to step back and know why the patient experience matters. For example, studies show that organizations that are more patient-centered have greater patient compliance and better clinical outcomes. Also, individuals’ who experience anxiety and fear can delay healing. And, it is shown that patients who have a positive, amiable relationship with their provider are far less likely to sue in the event of a medical error. Paying attention to the patient experience is an important step in delivery of care for the patient, and can ultimately also improve the physician and staff lives.

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