• Jesse Arnoldson

Mapping MIPS

The laundry list of action items required under the MIPS program can appear daunting. Perhaps by mapping the process it can begin to appear less overwhelming and more achievable.

As we at MedMan continuously research the federal MIPS program, we quite often come across really great ideas from other sources. This month as I was listening in on a webinar provided by McKesson, they discussed the different activities that a practice would need to perform throughout the year to keep up with MIPS. What was interesting though was how they plotted all of the activities out on a calendar based map. A practice can map out the activities for each component of MIPS (i.e. Quality, ACI, CPIA) chronologically, providing the administrator with a monthly and manageable to-do list.

To see the full slide deck from McKesson, including the full calendar year’s activities, click HERE. As you look to take on this year’s MIPS project, consider structuring it in such a way that will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and will allow you to successfully chip away at the program throughout the full calendar year.

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