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  • Chuck Hulse

A Lesson on Quadruple Aim from the Airline Industry

Much is being written about the "systemic” change that is necessary to address the Quadruple Aim. In a recent discussion with a group of physicians it became clear that we were talking about systems at various levels. At the highest level we are asking for reform of systems that comprise the healthcare industry… the insurance industry, healthcare financing, regulatory systems, and the legal systems that shape the industry. As we know, these systems are slow to respond to the need for change. Consider the strain on physicians created by the transition to value based payment, evolving over many years.

We are also asking to reform at the organizational level. Most notably, healthcare systems of hospitals, medical practices owned by hospitals, and of course independent medical group practices. At this level the “organizational” response to the Quadruple Aim is gaining momentum, and here again, has evolved over the past several years. Organizations are providing broad based education and awareness of the issue of burnout. Professional organizations like the Ada County Medical Society here in Southwest Idaho and other leading professional organizations are also providing support in different ways. Their focus is necessarily broad, because one size does not fit all when it comes to responding to change. Another excellent resource is from Dike Drummond MD, CEO, Burnout Prevention & Leadership Development for Physicians.

In many cases, the foundation of reform is a matter of the choices we make. “In case of emergency, place your oxygen mask on first, then assist others”…

Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach and leading authority on Peak Performance encourages us to choose an area of our life to improve ( see diagram ) and make a plan by asking “what steps can I take to improve the situations to work out more like I want them.” For more information and help on this topic, email me at

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