leveraging oVER 40 years of experience,

we diagnose each problem from small pain points through big long term projects to continuously reach success throughout the lifecycle of your practice. MedMan takes your practice through a holistic approach with our three stage process; assess, plan and execute, to achieve the results you desire. 


 Through the assessment phase, MedMan can narrow in on your success factors and gain insights into how your practice is currently working. Our initial, annual and focus based assessments include a review against 800+ MedMan best practices, based on the six categories of Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Body of Knowledge. 



The planning stage takes place based on our assessment, from focused to annual. During this stage the MedMan team conducts further interviews and complete a comprehensive walkthrough of the current environment with you to pinpoint the right MedMan products to push us to success.


 Armored with insights from the assessment and planning phase, we define what products will help you and your practice reach the defined success. In the execution phase, we move forward with putting words into action by applying the appropriate products to your team.