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To keep our customers fit and progressive enough to thrive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.  We intend to be a one-stop shop that can comprehensively deliver services having to do with clinic operations. 


Practice Evaluation
  • Comparison of a practices' performance against MedMan 800+ best practices
  • Comprehensive annual, focused or Transition to Value readiness


Planning Sessions
  • Facilitated sessions combining MedMan's assessment recommendations with client aspirations to deliver real-time action steps with assignments to deliver real-time action steps with assignments and targeted completion dates
  • Inclusive of a three-year vision for success with annual updates


to value

Success Under MACRA
  • Thorough education of the MACRA laws and MIPS program
  • Guidance in developing a strategic plan to address MIPS
  • Assistance in selection of measure and activities
  • One-on-one oversight of program performance
  • Review and development of quality strategy
  • Facilitating quality-improvement projects
  • Assistance with obtaining accreditation (AAAHC , NCQA)
  • Project management assistance for key quality initiatives


Regulatory Compliance
  • Reduce worry with a checklist for the 7 areas of corporate compliance
  • Customize compliance plan made for small practices 
Demonstrate Ongoing Activity 
  • Annual training through online presentations and Q&A sessions
  • Periodic assessment of operations and compliance plan to identify gaps
  • Identify and address requirements for Rural Health Center compliance measures



payer contracting

  • Compile and organize contracts
  • Analyze insurance agreements
  • Suggest opportunities to maximize reimbursement
  • Measure quality and cost
  • Arbitrate higher reimbursement 

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organizational development

  • Guidance in converting hospital-owned practices to independence
  • Assisting physician(s) to establish a private practice
  • Recruit and add physicians into existing practices
  • Design expectations and responsibilities of clinic boards
  • Evaluation of board effectiveness
  • Teach best practices in meeting management
Physician Employment Agreement Review
  • Management review of key provisions inclusive of topics such as physician duties, responsibilities, standards, benefits, and termination
  • Recommend language for best practices to be used in contracts

interim transition management

When Needed
  • Loss of manager
  • Hiring or promotion of a new manager
  • Large practice developments or crisis
    • High staff turnover
    • Opening a satellite office
    • Financial instability
    • Adverse regulatory action
What's Provided
  • Onsite administrator to provide leadership and direction
  • Customized offering of any MedMan service
    • Strategic planning
    • Financial analysis
    • Operational assessment 
  • Access to MedMan network of administrator thought partners
  • Access to strategic partnerships such as legal, accounting, coding and more 


Customer Service
  • Tools tailored to assist medical groups in delivering an exceptional patient experience
  • Increased patient satisfaction and retention 
  • Leverage customer service to be a key differentiator among competitors
  • Understand your leadership style
  • How to motivate staff
  • Tools for effectively building your working teams
Quadruple Aim
  • Physician education on the importance of making good choices and taking responsibility to avoid burnout
  • Meeting management
  • Education for physicians on how they can govern themselves
Team Building & Communication
  • Shared experience to build camaraderie and strengthen a medical groups culture
  • Understand the challenges that create barriers for teams to work effectively
  • Align goals for a stronger, committed team
  • Tips for understanding your communication style
  • Understand staff and patient communication
  • Learn how to flex your communication style to achieve the desired outcome
MedMan offers highly customized, in-person training addressing the above topics and more. 


Financial Focus
  • Measure six powerful performance metrics, with a focus on reimbursement, revenue cycle performance, and expense management
  • Map out a plan for financial performance
Financial Foundation
  • Deep dive into the intricacies of the business revenue cycle
  • Conduct interviews and on-site observation
  • Deliver insights about the operation to sustain financial performance
Financial Forecasting
  • Understand cash flow requirements for practice start-up and financial investment opportunities 
Physician Compensation
  • Financial models prepared for physician compensation based off of practice principles and value-driven metrics
  • Build consensus for sharing income and expense
  • Anticipate what's around the corner with Transition to Value