MedMan makes our thought leaders and subject matter experts available for presentations to your clinic's management meetings, medical group board retreats, keynotes for planning sessions, and larger conferences. 


We address the challenges and changes providers and managers face today to inspire innovation to improve physicians' lives from the ground up. Our speakers combine industry knowledge with captivating presentations and live discussions to improve performance and your contribution, both as an individual and as an organization. 


  • The Pursuit of Physician Well-Being. Theory + action holding burnout at bay.

  • Residents’ Top Ten Mistakes. How not to start a medical career.

  • Improving Physicians’ Lives. Through the practicalities of hands-on practice management.



  • Does Your Clinic Know What It Wants To Be When It Grows Up? Introduction to medical group planning.

  • Making the Plan Happen. Improving your chances of carrying out your clinic's plan.

  • Good Clinics to Great Clinics. Applying lessons from Jim Collins' book Good to Great to Medical Groups.

  • Medical Group Financial Roadmap. Top 10 financial metrics that small practices should be paying attention to.

  • Principle Centered Provider Compensation. The power of Why to divide the pie.

  • Alternative Revenue Streams. Making money while you sleep.


  • Didn’t We Already Discuss This? How to run effective physician meetings.

  • Teaching Cats to Herd Cats. How physicians can better govern themselves.


Clinical Quality
  • QPP 101. Late to the game on the QPP front, learn the basics of the Quality Payment Program.

  • MIPS. Strategy for picking quality measures.

Hospital / Physician Integrations
  • New Hospital Physician Integration Models. Options to employing providers.

  • How Not To Buy And Manage Physician Practices. Lessons learned from hospitals’ failed integration efforts.


  • Practical Project Planning. Strategies for planning and executing successful healthcare projects.

  • From Dataphobe to Data Ninja. Learn the basics for interpreting data with a focus on improvement.

  • Characteristics of Better Performing Medical Groups. Why struggling clinics struggle.


Professional Development
  • 8 Habits for Health. Detox from Burnout.

  • Now That You’re in Management. Management 101 for clinic department supervisors.

  • Making Sense of Generational Differences. Strategies for managing multiple generations in your medical group.

  • Hiring...Getting it right, most of the time.

  • Circuit Training for Success. Toning your affect and effect.


 Customer Service
  • Through Their Eyes. Out service the competition with exceptional customer service.

  • Improving the Patient Experience. Through the patient and physicians’ eyes.

 Team Building and Communication
  • Doctors Are From Venus, Managers Are From Mars. Fundamental differences between clinicians and administrators and how they can work together.

  • Building a Model.  Strategies for effective communication.

  • Understated Influence.  Strategies for introverts - both as introverted leaders, as well as, working alongside introverts.

  • Seek to Understand. Navigating personalities in the workplace.


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Speaking opportunities range in topic and length. From keynote addresses at your next organizational meeting to seminars.



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